Post-natal support services

Post-Natal Support

Ezer offers support to mothers who are convalescing following a new birth or are incapacitated due to ill health, or overwhelmed and having difficulty coping with their new baby.

In 2020-2021 Ezer provided

  • 4736 freshly cooked meals, prepared by 150 volunteer cooks, from the community. Food is donated by local caterers and businesses.
  • Approximately 1500 hours of household assistance and cleaning help
  • around 550 hours of volunteer support to help with dinner, bedtime and childcare to  provide new mothers with some respite.
Family and Emotional Support services

Family and Emotional Support

We employ a team of trained Family Facilitators who raised families of their own and are able to pass along the skills and techniques they have acquired. They provide practical and emotional support to families who are experiencing mental health issues, physical illness, disability of either parent, or children with challenging behaviours or disabilities. Our Facilitators are also able to act as advocates for families who cannot access relevant organisations in the wider community due to language and cultural barriers. The support is hands-on, intensive and offered within the home environment. All support workers receive supervision and training, resulting in a professional and well-coordinated service. In  2020-21 we provided 15 families with facilitation. 

Ezer is commissioned by the London Boroughs of Hackney and Haringey to provide services to vulnerable children and families in the community. We work closely in conjunction with Children’s Centres and Statutory services. Cases are reviewed regularly and closely monitored by the Local Authority. A high level of support, funded solely by voluntary contributions, is also provided to vulnerable families who might not meet local authority thresholds.

Parenting Support and Skills Training

Parenting Support 

Ezer supports parents to develop their skills in providing adequate care for their children, keeping them safe and improving family relationships. This can be either on an individual basis or through referral to a culturally appropriate Parenting service which offers group or 1:1 support. 

Short breaks services

Short Breaks

Ezer provides ‘Short Breaks’ for children 5-18 years, living in Hackney,  with additional needs, who have been awarded mid-high rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  A 1:1 or small group provision is offered after school, on a Sunday and during the holidays. Children can access a range of appropriate activities, enabled by support workers from the local  community. In 2020 - 21 115 Hackney children used our Short Breaks service, accessing activities when possible or by using the 'Covid flexible offer', arranged by the Hackney Short Breaks team. This provided families with a grant to purchase equipment to promote play and creativity to support the development/stimulation of their child/ren.  Ezer also provides a similar service for children/young people 5-18 years, living in Haringey,  who have complex needs/disabilities and are eligible for support from Haringey’s Disabled Children’s Social work team. For more information please contact Ezer directly or speak to Haringey’s Disabled Children’s Team on 020 8489 3947.

Therapeutic Support

Therapeutic Support

Ezer commissions appropriate therapeutic service to vulnerable children and families who would otherwise not be able to access this support. Therapists meet with individuals or couples experiencing a range of challenges affecting their ability to parent or maintain a stable marriage. In 2020-21, 210 sessions of counselling were provided, funded solely by voluntary contributions. 

Ezer also runs a trainee therapy service in conjunction with CPPD, working with either adults or teenagers and Terapia,  supporting children. During Lockdown, sessions were only offered remotely but have now  restarted face to face in our therapy room, following a lifting of restrictions and a Covid Risk assessment, with safety measures in place. 

Home Care

Home Care

Ezer continues to provide home care to disabled children in the borough of Hackney. This service is commissioned by Hackney Disabled Children's Service and provides help for children who need extra support to manage their personal care needs. We employ trained home care workers to deliver support  in a way that protects the privacy and dignity of service users whilst responding with flexibility to the specific needs and preferences of individual clients. Ezer is inspected by the CQC, for our home care service. As part of the inspection they review various records and contact service users and their families for feedback. We have since updated procedures and shared with staff, as well as making improvements to our recruitment and training practices. 

Working in partnership

Working in Partnership

Ezer has developed positive working relationships with Hackney and Haringey health and social care teams and we work closely with the local children’s centres to offer culturally appropriate early intervention services. Our assessments and views in particular cases are used as vital evidence to support families. We have established policies and procedures developed in line with statutory guidance, as well as offering training for staff and volunteers that includes safeguarding and working with children with special needs.


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